What I love about Knutsford Market is that it's friendly, an asset to the town and it's on the up!

  • Your Local Market

  • Knutsford Indoor Market first opened it's doors in 1964 and while many of the traders inside have changed, the ethos of quality produce from local independent traders has not.┬áThe market transferred to Knutsford Town Council in 2014 with an aim of bring about large improvements.

    Whether you are after some of the freshest fruit and veg in Knutsford, quality meats and poultry or a birthday card for your Gran, you can find it all in the Market Hall.

  • What's Inside

    • Fruit & Veg

    • Fresh Bread

    • Eggs

    • Greeting Cards

    • Household Essentials

    • Pet Food

    • Helium Balloons

    • Sausages & Bacon

    • Jewellery & Cufflinks

    • Firewood & Kindling

    • Jams & Chutneys

    • Milk & Cream

    • Freshly made Milkshakes

    • Pies and Pastries

    • Handbags

    • Seasonal Plants

    • Cupboard Essentials

    • Stationery

    • Marinated Chicken

    • Kitchen Utensils

    • Hot Drinks

    • Cleaning Supplies

    • Bird Seed

    • Delicious Panini

    • and so much more...

I've been shopping at Knutsford Market for over 24 years and still find it the most convenient and friendly place to buy top quality fresh food!

I love Knutsford Market because it's friendly and convenient. It offers so much variety despite the small space and the quality of the produce is excellent!