Mike’s Poultry & Provisions

Mike specialises in ‘all things poultry’.  Chicken, turkey and game – all sourced from local farmers and reasonably priced.  He also stocks a wide range of condiments, gourmet sauces, stocks and gravies to compliment your meal.  Mike’s eggs are somewhat legendary.  Small, medium, large and jumbo. Jumbo normally means two yolks but some have been known to contain three!  Like all the stalls in the market you can pre-order and collect in advance.

About Mike

Mike has been working at the market since he was 16 during school holidays and at weekends.  After leaving university the lure of the market drew him back and he joined full time and brought the business in 2013.

Things you may not know about Mike

He is an avid reader, especially of Jack Reacher novels.  If you hover too long near his stall, he might try and convert you.


  • Opened 2013
  • Payment Methods Cash & Cards
  • Call Mike on 07900 412389
  • Email Mike on michaelbrown@hotmail.co.uk