About Plastic Free Weigh

Plastic Free Weigh opened in May 2019 and is over two stalls selling all things eco as well as a ‘Weigh and Save’ (which some of you will remember first time round and wonder why they went away).  The range of products is vast and Charlene (the owner) is more than happy to listen to customer feedback and change the range.  Items for sale include:

Dried food by weight, such as pasta, flour, cereals, pulses and spices

Refillable cleaning products and washing up liquid (price per ml)

Refillable shampoos, conditioner and shower gel

Hand made soaps

Eco toothpaste, deodorant and bathroom toiletries

To name but a few.  So pop in and have a browse. You can bring your own container, buy one from Charlene or use one of the available paper bags.  She is constantly adding to her product range so do follow her on Facebook or just give her a call.  If she doesn’t stock it she probably will do soon!

About Charlene

A mum of two small boys, with one of them particularly interested in eco-friendly living, helped inspire Charlene to start thinking about the choices they make as a family and reduce waste.  However, the stall is in no way ‘preachy’ – it is just about making small changes gradually and affordably.  So yes, you can buy plastic free natural make up but you can also buy chocolate cornflakes and chilli rice cakes!

Things you may not know about Charlene

She used to be a speech and language therapist for the good old NHS!

  • Opened 2019
  • Payment Methods Cash & Cards
  • Call Charlene on: 07825 600016
  • Email Charlene on: charlene@plasticfreeweigh.co.uk
  • www.plasticfreeweigh.co.uk